The type and structure of steel plate stripper

Steel plate slitter is a kind of equipment for longitudinal slitting of metal strip material. Used for slitting metal coil: such as slitting strip steel, stainless steel, copper strip, aluminum foil, etc. it is mainly used for steel processing manufacturers (steel market operators, steel rolling manufacturers, electrical industry, automobile, stamping parts, etc.) different from the general shearing equipment, this equipment is a new type of infinite shearing action by rolling the round blade on the plate.

Type and structure: 1. Single machine type steel plate Slitter: connected main machine with coiling, generally used for small coiling.

2. Combined steel plate Slitter: composed of unwinder, Slitter and rewinder, it is suitable for rewinding large coil.

It is composed of uncoiling (unwinding), feeding positioning, slitting slitting and coiling (rewinding). Its main function is to cut a wide roll of material into a narrow one size roll in the direction of its length, so as to prepare for other processing procedures in the future.