On the use and debugging of leveling machine

The debugging methods of different levelers are almost the same

1. When starting the punch press for continuous stamping, it is necessary to rotate the speed adjustment screw of the feeder in a clockwise direction, and the sliding block moves slowly, so as to see whether the sliding block touches the nylon gasket and the length fine-tuning screw when it moves back and forth.

2. Check whether the feeding direction is correct before turning on the power.

3. If the speed of the punch is constant and the feeding distance needs to be shortened from long to short, first adjust the guide screw upward to reduce the falling distance of the floating rod, and then rotate the speed adjusting screw clockwise so that the feeding can match the speed of the punch.

4. Adjust the distance between the material rack and leveler and the feeder. According to the speed of the punch and the length of the feeder, adjust the distance properly. The leveled material should be able to enter the feeder and die smoothly