Main features of automatic Slitter for steel plate

Product features

Programmable control is adopted to automatically switch the high and low speed modes of the production line according to the properties of the sheet, so as to improve the mechanical efficiency and reduce the maintenance frequency.

The material table and the expansion and contraction hydraulic cylinder of the coiling shaft adopt the integrated design, with low failure rate.

The spindle of material table is equipped with high efficiency disc type tension brake combination, which is adjusted by air pressure circuit to reduce the adjustment time of plate tension, and automatically make instant tension brake action under specific conditions to avoid coil loosening.

The power is provided by the front release mechanism, which makes it automatically match the speed of the production line.

The integrated base and separate transmission structure are adopted in the middle section of the slitting cutter seat, which can effectively improve the rigidity of the mechanical structure, reduce the vibration amplitude of the slitting blade, and improve the quality of the finished product.

The amplitude accuracy of the reference plane of the slitting tool axis is within 0.006m/m, which can ensure the tool life and the accuracy of the slitting product.

The tension coiling and slip structure are used to improve the stability of mechanical operation.

The direct pressing table adopts wool blanket with good elasticity and high grinding group coefficient as surface material to provide smooth production operation. In addition, it is also equipped with a pressure balance device to make the pressure on both sides of the pressing surface average.

The reclaimer is equipped with an improved high rigidity moving plate holder, which can effectively reduce the lead time of production. On the combined structure of the spacer seat, the air pressure adjustable back pressure combination is configured to stabilize the pressure force and make the spacer shaft effectively press the steel coil.

The self tension design of finished product coiling can improve the coiling tightness