Six categories of blade of plate cutter

According to the hydraulic transmission of the shearer, the standard shearer blades can be divided into the following six types. First, the manual shearer blades are used on the manual shearer, and the thin plate is cut by using the mechanical lever principle and the small knife holder of the shearer. Second, the electric shearer blades are used on the electric shearer, and the belt pulley is driven by the motor, The blade of the mechanical plate cutter is used for the mechanical transmission of the plate cutter. The motor drives the curve movement of the big gear, so that the upper tool holder and the fixed lower bench cutter base of the shearer are cut. Fourthly, the blade of the hydraulic tilting plate cutter is used for the hydraulic tilting plate cutter, the power motor is started, and the oil pump rotates to supply oil to the main cylinder and the auxiliary cylinder, The upper tool holder of the plate cutter cuts the adjustable lower table arc. 5. The blade of hydraulic brake type plate cutter is used for hydraulic brake type plate cutting machine, starting the power motor, oil pump drives oil supply to the cylinder on the cutter frame of the plate cutter, and the upper tool holder of the plate cutter performs vertical shearing with shear angle for the adjustable lower table. 6. The NC plate cutter blade manufacturer is used for the plate cutting machine of numerical control programming, Through NC programming, the upper carriage of the shearer can automatically cut the adjustable worktable of the shearer